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Our services take a unique approach in supporting individuals with disabilities before, during and after their job search.  Job seekers have the opportunity to address their needs on a holistic level by working directly with both the vocational and clinical director during the entire process.  Rather than solely focusing on employment needs, we address the individual as a whole. Studies show that social/emotional needs directly impact employment.  By addressing skill deficits, we are further increasing the prospect of clients not only obtaining a job but most importantly, retaining it!


Services Offered:

  • Pre-employment skills training (services for young adults still attending high school)

  • Identifying job goals

  • Social groups targeting employ-ability skills

  • Vocational Evaluations- placement to assist in assessing an individual's strength and needs

  • Community Based Work Experience (CBWE)- Participants are provided opportunities to experience a variety of job types and work settings to assist in identifying their unique skills, abilities and interests

  • Job Development- Creating a resume and practicing interviewing skills

  • Job Placement- Assisting with finding and placing individuals into a job

  • Job Retention/Coaching- Direct and individualized support on the job to ensure retention of the position


Job Club

This comprehensive program focuses on addressing the skills and clinical needs essential for sustained and meaningful employment. Job club instruction facilitates the development of lifelong skills used in career development: self-assessment, employment researching/networking, job search skills, career management and adaptability to the changing world of work. A licensed clinical psychologist works in collaboration with a certified secondary special education teacher/career resource specialist to deliver instruction. This unique program not only focuses on securing job placement for participants, but it is also designed to address on-going clinical/therapeutic needs that can jeopardize employment.​ 

The goals/objectives of Job Club are to:

  • Understand the importance of retaining employment (independence, fulfillment/purpose, socialization, contribution to society)

  • Understand experience, education, and skills related or necessary to obtain the job students are seeking

  • Understand personal strengths and weaknesses related to workplace skills

  • Teach and practice appropriate and expected workplace related social skills, both prior to and during employment

  • Find and retain employment

*** Funding for these services may be available through the Office of Rehabilitation Services of RI or self-directed services.  Requires eligibility. 

Employment Services

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