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Some words from our families...

Kathryn Mahoney and Dr. Lauren Roth have been so wonderful. Their support for our ASD son has been incredible in just a few short months time. The support, tools and expertise of Lauren and Kathryn have been tremendous. Our son has been given tools for his growth and confidence and has made so much progress and we can see him now becoming a more independent and capable adult.

-Darla M.

I can't say enough about this practice. My son is a challenge and the team has been amazing with him. They are not only patient with him and us, they go above and to help bring the best out of him. We felt like we were in a black hole of chaos and despair before we found them.

-Robin L.

Dr. Lauren Roth and Kathryn Mahoney have been a lighthouse for our son. They helped him navigate the difficult waters of transitioning from college, to still being at home, to work. He was stuck and discouraged and needed someone besides his parents to encourage his strengths to come forth. They did just that. He has grown in such areas as personal responsibility and follow through. He has gained strategies and confidence that will help him continue to move forward and thrive. Wish we had found Lauren and Kathryn sooner.

-Michelle B.

A friend recommended HDC. Dr. Roth and Kathryn were "A God Send". At our first meeting, I could not have been more impressed. After almost one year my final impressions are: professional, kind, compassionate, patient, resourceful, organized, and goal oriented.... their goal is take care of this child, handling all aspects of her life, teaching them to become independent, and successful individuals.

-Denise R.

Dr. Roth & Kathryn Mahoney, have been instrumental in the development, growth and confidence building for our son. He has been going to Holistic Development for nearly a year now and I have seen huge improvement in all areas without any meds being prescribed (there's a first) . Highly recommended!

-Pieter S.

Kathryn Mahoney and Dr. Lauren Roth are very professional, caring, supportive, and always follow up on my progress. I highly recommend their services...also they help me with my ADHD by assisting with organizing school work and study habits, also keeping in contact with my teachers.

-Katherine C.

They worked tirelessly with our son to find both training opportunities as well as a permanent job that he loves! They gave him the confidence and skills he needed to get and retain the job as well as held him accountable to be able to advocate for himself and gain independence.

-Kara T.

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